Investment Criteria - Riparian Capital Partners
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Investment Criteria

Riparian Capital Partners is focused on Multifamily and Mixed-Use investment opportunities where we can leverage our and our partners’ differentiated capabilities.


Our core regions are the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast, but we have the ability execute nationwide on alongside our network of operating partners.


In certain circumstances, we can also bring mission-driven capital solutions to the table to benefit our partners, communities and counterparties. We always welcome the opportunity to shape win-win outcomes via creative structuring, including hybrid public-private or nonprofit-for profit solutions which others may not be able to execute.

Core-Plus and Value Add

Multifamily and mixed-use real estate with residential rents as primary source of revenue

Focus on market rate properties with majority of residents earning between 60% – 120% of Area Median Income

Typically 50 units or larger for stabilized, standalone acquisitions, but we pursue smaller projects in priority submarkets, as part of a portfolio or where there is a significant value-add component

Ground Up Development

Riparian welcomes opportunities to partner with landowners and developers on both fee-based and equity-driven projects (including in Opportunity Zones). We have a particular focus on “food desert” communities where Good Food Markets may be able to enter as a grocery tenant and / or situations where Riparian can leverage its ability to to unlock otherwise challenging projects by bringing non-traditional capital sources to the table.